In September 2012 Nick wins the silver medal for violin and two gold medals for craftsmanship at the 13th Triennale in Cremona.

In 2010 Nick wins the gold medal at the 1st international violin making competition in Pisogne, Italy for one of his violins in the category copy of an historic instrument.

A year before in 2009 he is awarded silver for his Viola and bronze for his violin at the 12th Triennale international violin making competition in Cremona. 

 At the end of 2007 Nicholas Gooch, together with Irina Feichtl opens the Atelier für Geigen- und Bogenbau in Munich, bringing the opportunity to focus on making new instruments of the highest quality.
 His passion for new making continues throughout since leaving college, He takes every opportunity to continue making new instruments whenever time allows.
 In 2006 Nicholas moves to Munich and immediately starts work on various restoration projects, working either alone, or in conjunction with other workshops including Lijsen & Wiest in Munich.
 In 2002 Nicholas starts to work as a restorer at Geigenbau Winterling in Hamburg. Taking a leading role in the Winterling workshop he completes many repairs and restorations of valuable and important instruments while improving and refining his skills.
 In 1992 Nicholas begins his training at the Newark School of Violin Making. He graduates with diplomas in violin making and repair, baroque instrument making and classical guitar making. Directly after completing his studies Nicholas starts working as an assistant in the school, eventually completing a teacher training course and teaching some classes. 
 Having always shown a aptitude for art and music, Nicholas studies fine art in his hometown of Cambridge.
 Nicholas Gooch is born 1972 in Cambridge, England.